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Magnolia Artist Loft Townhouse Project 

Conceptual    Demolition    Excavation    Foundations    Drainage / Plumbing   Concrete Slabs

FRAMING    1/29/2007    Framing 3/06/07


The above (left) photo displays the back of the street units and the (right) photo shows the front of the structure.  These photos were taken at the end of January and do not include the penthouse or barrel vaulted roof.  The framing crew is about to begin framing the alley units.


Studio view- features include radiant floor heating, 9'6" and 7'10" ceiling heights, French doors and 8' sliding glass doors.


South side of Studio                                                                        Stairway vault and split level floors



View down stairway vault.                                                                This displays the complex "pie shaped" stair framing.



This gives you an idea of the penthouse height.                                 View out of the living room sliding glass door and window.



View of the "Alley Units" foundation ready for framing construction to begin.