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"Arctic Ice Cracker"        2006 

Acrylic Paint on Fiberglass, Vinyl Text, Digital Photographs, Marine Epoxy


The Nutcracker March is a Downtown public art project that placed 60 Nutcrackers, each decorated by area artist and organizations, throughout the Downtown Seattle Area.  After the 2006 holiday season the Nutcrackers were auctioned and the proceeds went to benefit the Northwest Center educates and employs adults and children with disabilies.


"X-ing"        2006 

Acrylic Paint on Fiberglass, Vinyl Text, Hot Wheels Toy Cars, Marine Epoxy


The Performing Arts Center Eastside (PACE) is a 2,000-seat world-class multi-use cultural center scheduled to open in 2008. PACE is expected to draw a diverse range of performances and serve as a confluence for arts, education and entertainment.  The Act One Guild has taken on its most ambitious project to date—the Bucks For PACE public art and fundraising project. Pacific Northwest artists have been selected to transform twenty-six life-size Bucks (male deer) and 40 tabletop Bucks into works of art.






"Toys and Swirls for Boys and Girls"        2005

Acrylic Paint on Fiberglass with over 80 Hot Wheels model cars


Remember the giant pigs and horses which were on display throughout Seattle in the past? Well this month, December 2005...50 huge (6 foot) nutcrackers will be on display throughout downtown Seattle. The nutcrackers, styled from the Pacific NW Ballet, will be creatively decorated by local artists, including Eric Montoya, Bruce and Shannon Andersen, and Mark Horiuchi. A new way to hear audio about each nutcracker will be downloadable from Real Networks who will produce a digital walking tour of the nutcrackers be free to download from the Nutcracker March website. Find the nutcrackers from the Seattle Center to Pioneer Square on city sidewalks and in plazas and building lobbies.

During the display month, nutcrackers will be sold via online auction until early January. This auction benefits the Northwest Center, a local non-profit that works to promote the independence of persons with disabilities through education, rehabilitation, and work opportunities.  To find the nutcrackers, go to






"Spinning...Swirling...Spiraling"        2004 

Acrylic Paint on Fiberglass with Wheel Thrown Ceramic Additions


Wells Fargo Ponies on Parade (, modeled after the highly successful Pigs on Parade, featured 50 life-sized fiberglass ponies painted and decorated by famous local artists. The ponies were displayed throughout downtown Seattle from November 20, 2004 through January 31, 2005. On March 5, 2005, Northwest Center hosted its "Ponies on Parade" Gala and Auction at the Bell Harbor International Pavilion.