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Magnolia Artist Loft Townhouse Project 

Conceptual    Demolition    Excavation    Foundations    Drainage / Plumbing   Concrete Slabs

Framing 1 29 07    Framing 3 06 07



The excavator started the demolition from the back of the house.  It was quite dynamic watching the power of the "Dinosaur" like machine eat away at our home.  The entire process was documented using digital cameras, a video camcorder, and a high definition digital video camera.


It was fascinating to watch the skillful use of the excavator as the operator systematically torn down the structure.


The demolition of the house was so quick...that our General Contractor had to rush to move his truck from the front of the house.  My favorite part of the demo was watching how much tension/compression it would take before the glass in the windows would fracture.


The front entrance and kitchen were the last sections remaining. I won't miss the kitchen linoleum flooring which Kassie and I described as "corn relish" in design...if any food was dropped on the floor it was almost impossible to spot.


The final segment of the tear down was to pile all the debris into the basement.  The excavator would then drive on top of the pile to compress and compact it further.  We only had one room in the house with a carpet covered floor...I really liked watching the excavator operator use that bunched up carpet to sweep the cleared basement floor clean...a true craftsman.