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Visual artist Mark Horiuchiís current work includes wheel-thrown ceramics and paintings on canvas. 

Markís ceramics work focuses on wheel-thrown pottery forms with abstract expressionist painted surfaces. They are unique and recognized by his bold use of color and active brushwork. Each piece is individually thrown on a potterís wheel using white earthenware clay. Mark has sold over 10,000 plates world-wide. His artwork is included in numerous major art collections. Each painting is created as a discrete artwork then grouped using poetic combinations.

Mark Horiuchi creates dynamic paintings to express a beautiful visual atmosphere. His paintings are designed to give a positive and uplifting feeling to the viewer. Mark uses numerous layers of color to create a sense of depth. Using active brushwork he records the exuberant activity of his art making. Mark expands his abilities as a colorist.

The Horiuchi name has been an important part of the artistic environment of the Pacific Northwest for many decades. His great-uncle, Paul Horiuchi, was a recognized collage artist. His grandfather held one of the most significant collections of Asian Art in the 1930s. Markís brother, Grant Horiuchi, is a successful photographic artist.

He has played a significant role in the artistic climate of the Northwest as an educator, artist, and art advisor/juror.  Mark is currently a member of the Bellevue Arts Museum Board of Trustee's.  He was also a King County Arts Commissioner and a member of the 1% for Art Committee.

Mark Horiuchi has an extensive educational background including a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree from the New York State College of Ceramics, Alfred University, considered the finest ceramics institution in the world. All of his graduate studies were completed with full tuition merit-based scholarships. These include a Masters of Arts degree from the University of Dallas and a Masters of Fine Arts from UCLA; this being the terminal degree in Fine Arts, it is considered a Ph.D. equivalency in the academic world.